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Constitution Party Talk Radio

Episode 4

February 13, 2013

Host: Randy Stufflebeam

CoHost:  The Fluffy Bunny

In this episode:
  • Segment 1:  Interview with Darrell Castle.

    • Darrell was the 2008 Constitution Party Vice-Presidential Candidate to Chuck Baldwin, the Presidential Candidate.  He served as the national vice chairman from 1999 until 2012 and also served three times as the platform committee chairman.  Additionally, Darrell creates three podcasts every week in which he deals with the hot topics of the day.

  • Segment 2:  Continued Interview with Darrell Castle - we talk about the random checks that were executed in Tennessee by the TSA
  • Segment 3:  Continued Interview with Darrell Castle - We talk about the viability of the Constitution Party


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