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Constitution Party Talk Radio - 20180502

Hey New Jersey!!  Aren’t you all getting just a little bit tired of retaining the title, “Most Corrupt State in the Union?”

Unlike any other state, you actually have a viable option to choose from in your upcoming election for governor and that is Constitution Party Candidate, Matt Riccardi.

Matt is the candidate with the values that the voters of New Jersey wish ALL of their elected officials had.  He is the anti-corruption candidate, as opposed to the corrupt values the other candidates are espousing.  Matt has even signed a contract with the New Jersey citizen that isn’t like any other politician’s contracts that you have ever heard of.  There are actually consequences assigned to Matt if he doesn’t uphold the Contract.  In other words it is Matt who suffers if he doesn’t keep his promise and not the New Jersey voter.

For More information, goto r4nj.com  That’s [ r - the number 4 - nj.com ]

And then this November take New Jersey out of the running for most corrupt state by electing Matt Riccardi as your next Governor.