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Constitution Party Talk Radio - 20180502

Hey Americans, I’ve got a question for you.

How long are you going to let fear drive you??

Congressional approval has once again tanked into the single digits.  And before you go spouting off that it’s because of the current President, his administration and Congress, WELL, it happened under the last administration too.

OH, you talk a good game now, saying that you’re done with the two major parties.  But just as it happened the last time, there is a likelihood that you are going to vote once again for the lesser of two evils.  And look where that’s gotten us.

I say, have courage and help build the Constitution Party into a force that can topple the duopoly. It just might be that the Constitution Party is the last political hope for this great nation.

Go to ConstitutionParty.com/contact, select state parties and then select your state to get in touch with your local Constitution Party organization.