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Why the Constitution Party should be Optimistic


A Political Population Shift is a social condition that occurs when the general population changes its attitudes and desires but the current government fails to react to the changes. This causes a situation where the people are moving in one direction and their leaders are moving in another. The shift occurs when a significant percentage of the population realize that the values and desires that they hold are not held by those they have placed in power.

The problem with having power is that it corrupts those that have it. For some reason, humans cannot properly handle power once they achieve it. Inevitably, they become arrogant and egotistical. They start believing their own hype and feel that they are better than the people they lead. When the people start changing, they don’t see it because they are self-absorbed in their own ideas. When the people start demanding change, they resist because they have too much invested in keeping their power bases intact and they simply cannot accept the fact that they may be wrong. Thus, a Political Population Shift occurs and they find themselves being swept out of power because they no longer resonate with the masses. Vanity is the downfall of many a government.

There is a shift occurring in the United States right now. Polls and research shows a major distrust of political figures, a loss of confidence in the existing political parties, and the start of movements that reflect the discontent of the people with the attitude and corruption of elected leaders and their respective parties.

While I have found literally hundreds of indicators that there is a political shift happening the United States right now, I want to simply point out some major examples that I have found that demonstrate that the people are moving in one direction and the existing political elite are moving in another. There are three major indicators that I feel prove my point:


Anyone that is familiar with the GOP cannot help but notice the major turmoil that is going on. The cracks started appearing as far back as 1999/2000. Most people do not know this, but the Tea Party was created out of a frustration by conservatives with the Republican Party and not as a reaction to Democrats and Liberals. The Ron Paul movement was a direct challenge from the Republican members against the Neo-Conservatives that were (and still are) in charge of the GOP. Donald Trump’s winning of the 2016 primaries further demonstrates that the members of the GOP are fighting their own party’s leadership and looking for a change. Before the primaries, the party elites selected their “champions”. The party membership decided to snub them with Donald Trump. For the past several years, there has been turmoil in the Republican Party between those that want to change it and those that are currently leading it. While they still function as a formidable organization, it is hard to ignore that there is a strong dissent coming from within. When prominent Republicans are voicing opposition to Republican candidates, it shows a party that is fractured and divided. Another sign of this collapse is that many Republicans are now fleeing their party. The greatest growth of the Libertarian Party is coming from disenfranchised Republicans. For those that understand politics, it is becoming obvious that the Republican Party is collapsing. It shows every sign of a party that is tearing itself apart from within and that it’s collapse is imminent.


Besides being an indicator of the collapse of the Republican Party, the Tea Party is also the most obvious indicator of a political shift. The Tea Party has never had a centralized leadership nor a centralized headquarters to run it. Yet this movement grew in both popularity and power. Grassroots movements like the Tea Party can only happen when individuals come to the same conclusion separately and then band together to share their common goals. It is important to note that this movement could grow more powerful even though it was being attacked by both political parties and the media.  When you question “Why?” and “How?”, the answers show you that there is a major political shift that is happening.


The biggest indicator is that social media is now broadcasting the feelings of frustration and discontent among the politically active. Numerous negative posts regarding the major parties and their policies are evident everywhere. People are now sharing more articles that are negative about the major parties (and their candidates) than positive ones. If you think of social media as a thermometer, it is telling you that we have a major fever and that people are sick of the status quo. Most importantly, these same posts show a major distrust of every candidate and elected officials. It is advertising the feelings of betrayal that the people feel.


The only reason for political shifts is because the existing powers are not reacting to the changes that are taking place underneath them. If they would just simply listen and react responsibly to the people, they could change to align themselves with the general population. Instead, they resist these changes in order to protect their power bases. Eventually, there comes a point when the people recognize the disconnect and then start looking for alternatives. Once the trust is lost and the people start feeling betrayed, there is no recovering from it. Their doom is set and it just becomes a matter of time.

The good news for the Constitution Party is that these shifts cause a vacuum as the population moves and the existing power structures do not move with them. Nature abhors a vacuum and social forces always call for a new organization to step in and fill the void. THAT CAN BE US!

To do so only requires 3 things –

  1. We need to be right (in agreement with the political shift)
  2. We need to be committed (others will try to fill the void. Only the most committed will prevail).
  3. We need to act swiftly (those that wait or hesitate will be too late)

There is a political population shift happening right now. We have the advantage of seeing it and identifying it first. While others are aware that something is happening, we hold the advantage of correctly assessing the current situation and have the ability to act first. What do you think we should do?

Please post your comments and ideas.


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