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What is your hot button issue?

  • The 2nd Amendment?
  • Property rights?
  • Sanctity of Life?
  • Illegal immigration?

For me, it has always been the 1st Amendment. Growing up in the church, my freedom of religion and “the free exercise thereof” has always been my most important hot-button issue. Not only that, but my freedom of speech was also important, as I could never keep my mouth shut. ?

It is one of the significant reasons for the decision to join the military. Sure, there were other reasons as well, but the defense of religious freedom and the freedom of speech was always the most important. It was always my perspective during my 22 years of service, that I was fighting the foreign enemy to protect those rights.


I retired from the Marine Corps in May of 2003 and I wasn’t able to land a job right away. Consequently, I had a lot of free time on my hands, when I saw an advertisement in the local newspaper about running for office in the local area and to see the County Clerk for the necessary paper work to file. So, I said to myself, “What the heck? Might as well check it out.” This was somewhere around the September 2003 time frame. It only took me a short time to get all the signatures I needed to run for any office (State’s Attorney office excepted, since I did not qualify) in the county.

RoyMoore MonumentIt was at this time that the story of Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice, Roy Moore, and the 10 Commandments Monument came to my attention. I couldn’t believe what I was reading. I spent twenty two and a half years on active duty, willing to lay down my life, with an oath to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. To my horror, I discovered that the domestic enemy (which, until then I didn’t really realize even existed) was far more vile and threatening to our rights as guaranteed by the Constitution, than any foreign enemy we have ever faced.

What blew me away even more was the discovery that it was “conservative” REPUBLICANS who were prosecuting Judge Moore and sitting in positions of authority at the time:

  • Alabama Attorney General, William Pryor
  • Alabama Governor, Bob Riley
  • U.S. President, George W. Bush

For more information on Roy Moore’s removal from the bench to include the transcript from the court room and the “Final Judgement” removing Roy Moore as Chief Justice read:

Consider this; that as a reward for Pryor’s prosecution of the case against Roy Moore, President Bush appointed and installed him to the 11th Circuit Court in February of 2004. Then in 2013, President Obama nominated him to as a commissioner on the United States Sentencing Commission. Recently, Pryor was one of the main considerations for Trump to nominate to the Supreme Court. But then, it was Gorsuch that received the nomination.

In the midst of all of this, I received a “Citizen Alert” email that put out by the “Focus on the Family” organization. They were publicizing a rally that was going to be held at every state capitol step that was sponsored by the Constitution Party in support of Chief Justice Roy Moore.

Well, I had never heard of the Constitution Party before and the email provided a link to the party’s website. When I read through the platform, especially the preamble, I knew I had found my new political home. There was a link to get more information and have someone contact me. They did, and I met with a couple of people who were associated with the Constitution Party. I say “associated with” because at the time, there was no official party within the state of Illinois and they were working to form one.

A couple of days after the meeting, I took my paperwork to the County Chairman of the Republican Party and tore it all up and threw it on his desk and told him, “I am no longer a Republican. I am joining the Constitution Party.” I have never looked back or regretted the decision. In fact, the actions of the Republican Party over the years have only hardened my resolve to destroy the two-party-duopoly strangle hold that it has upon our country.

Consequently, I have always credited Roy Moore with me joining the Constitution Party.


I have written and spoken extensively about the Constitution Party supporting non-affiliated candidates. I have even written specifically about the Constitution Party’s inability to support either Roy Moore or Ron Paul as Republicans for president. You can read the blog articles here:

We also dealt with the issue of “Endorsing non-CP affiliated Candidates” on Constitution Party Talk Radio:

Endorsing/supporting the candidates of other parties virtually keeps the two-party-duopoly in power. It demonstrates that the Constitution Party does not have what it takes to endorse and/or support candidates of our own.


There are a couple of things that I must state right up front:

  • Yes! I am disappointed that Roy Moore decided to run for the U.S. Senate as a Republican candidate. Rest assured, the Constitution Party of Alabama contacted the Moore campaign and implored him to run as a CP Candidate.
  • As I have written in the article, I still admire and respect Roy Moore.

Don’t get me wrong. I understand the reasons why Moore ran as a Republican. I just don’t agree with them. Certainly, Roy Moore is widening the division within the Republican Party and will continue to do so if elected to the Senate. But, I believe that much more would have been accomplished in lending his credibility to the Constitution Party by running as its candidate so as to establish the viability of the Constitution Party that would have enabled it to continue to provide a constant and consistent stream of candidates with much the character displayed by Roy Moore.

The will of the people have twice been thwarted by the liberals and establishment Republicans. TWICE the people of Alabama have elected Roy Moore to the seat of Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court. Twice the liberals and establishment Republicans have removed Roy Moore for the very reasons the people of Alabama elected him – to stand for the morals and principles this country was founded upon.

Alabama and these United States needs Roy Moore in the Senate.

I fully understand that after all my opposition to supporting “non-CP affiliated” candidates, you would consider that supporting Roy Moore would be antithetical to my position. I do understand that and must confess that I am not 100% in support of this effort for all the reasons I have mentioned before. I have not changed my position or perspective that supporting candidates running as Republican or Democrat only perpetuates the two-party-duopoly.

HOWEVER, the current case with Roy Moore is extraordinarily different.

I do believe that supporting him does more to destroy the duopoly than perpetuates it; which, I believe is the exact fear that the establishment has and the reason behind the horrific attacks against Roy Moore.

The Republican Party has shunned Roy Moore and if it weren’t for the fact that on the ballot there will be an “R” next to his name, Roy Moore would virtually be a man without a party.

Maybe, there is an important nuance to take note of, and that is the fact that while there is a fundraising effort to help Roy Moore face down his Republican opposition, the Constitution Party has NOT made an official endorsement.  There are two important official documents that have been released by the Constitution Party: One is the press release announcing the fund-raising effort for the “Fair Judgement of Judge Roy Moore” and the other is an explanation of the effort by the party.

So, in answer to the question, I believe it is TO SUPPORT Roy Moore.

And I pray that God’s grace will be upon this nation by seating Roy Moore in the Senate.

I’d like to hear your comments.

Yours in Liberty

Honesty, Integrity, And Judge Roy Moore
The Fear Factor


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