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So You Want To Be A Candidate…Part 7

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In this article, we are going to discuss how to use the 3rd Pillar of our new marketing program to get donations and support from small business owners plus gain voters by sending an optimistic message about the future of the United States.

The 3rd Pillar states “We want to create the greatest economy that the world has ever seen. We will do so by restoring True Capitalist principles to our economic policies.”

This pillar achieves 3 objectives for the Constitution Party candidate.

First, the message is about True Capitalism and the need to create a level playing field for small businesses. Our current economic system resembles socialism much more than any resemblance to capitalism. Much to the surprise of many readers, large corporations actually prefer this version of socialism rather than True Capitalism. Why? Because they can handle the burden of government taxation and over-regulation better than small businesses. The phenomenon is called a “Tax Incidence”. Basically, it means that a large corporation can easily pass on any tax or regulatory burden onto the public. A small business, on the other hand, has a harder time doing that. Large corporations don’t like taxes, but they absolutely fear and hate competition. The best way to keep your competitors from taking your business is to use government to prevent them from growing. Fees, regulations, and taxes all prevent small businesses from growing and being successful.  There is some dispute of the failure rate of small businesses. They range as high as 90% to as low as 50%. Either number is unacceptable for a capitalist society. This is what large corporations want. Better to deal with a small tax and regulation hindrance (that you can pass on to your customers) than deal with a competitor that has the ability to force you to lower prices, improve services, invest in R&D to keep your products competitive or (even more frightening), put you out of business altogether.

Therefore, if we want to create true competition (and that, in a nutshell, is what capitalism is all about), then we need to create a level playing field that gives small businesses the opportunity to thrive and succeed. True capitalism creates a very hostile environment for large corporations. When working correctly, large corporations get replaced by small businesses that provide better service, better products, and better prices. They become the large corporations that are then challenged by new small businesses that are constantly challenging them to improve. Great for the consumer, bad for large corporations.

We are promoting an economic system that takes government out as a factor in whether a business succeeds or fails. We want to let free market forces decide who will succeed and who will fail.

Small businesses make up both 99% of the businesses in the United States and provide for 99% of the jobs. This message is targeted directly for them. It also appeals to the public’s perception that large corporations are taking more than they are giving to society, that they have too much influence on government, and they are manipulating the economy for their own benefit.

During the beginning of your campaign, you need to go to the local businesses in your community and talk to them about this pillar. Ask them about the regulations, fees, and taxes that government puts on them and you will story after story of the incredible burden that government places on small business. What is even more troubling is that most of the government expenses and regulations come from local government, not state or federal. Being a candidate that is dedicated to removing these obstacles will endear you to them. You are going to be their champion to help them grow and be successful. They need to help you get elected. Putting up your campaign signs in their windows and providing you with donations will help you give you a decisive edge over your opposition.

Second, this message is about jobs. As previously pointed out, over 99% of all jobs in the country come from small businesses. The actual number is 99.7%. That means that only 0.3% of the jobs come from large corporations. The more successful that small businesses are, the more jobs there will be in your community. By allowing small businesses to grow, invest in themselves, and making it easier to hire employees (employee tax and regulation burdens make up the majority of government incumbrance on small businesses), this pillar ensures that there will be more jobs than ever. Additionally, a major component of the pillar is to bring back manufacturing to the United States. Our current model that is based predominantly on high technology and financial companies is unsustainable. We need to bring back manufacturing (especially at a smaller level which is cleaner and produces better products) to our communities. 30 years ago over 80% of all products were manufactured in this country. That is now down to 65%. Local manufacturing produces more jobs for non-college graduates, more revenues for the community, and removes foreign entanglements that create warfare and obligations to countries that have evil intentions for this country.

Third, this is a very optimistic message. In times of worry and uncertainty, optimistic messages resonate more strongly than pessimistic and fear-mongering ones. At its core, this message is one of hope and prosperity. It is also a proven model. We don’t THINK it will work, we KNOW it will work. It has a very strong proven record of success. Considering the recent advancements in transportation and technologies, if we could simply follow the principles of True Capitalism, we would have the most explosive growth of wealth and prosperity that will surpass anything the world has ever seen. We will be literally supplying the world with goods and services. This growth will be so phenomenal, that we will once again be begging for immigrants to come to this country, not for free government services, but to fill the large demand for jobs that cannot be met by our existing workforce. Take that message to your Latino and Asian voters and see what kind of reaction you get.

While the 1st Pillar is the key principle that holds all of them together, this is the one that will produce the best results for your campaign. It brings in needed revenues to fund your campaign, it gets you support from your business community (who happen to be the most active in the community), it creates an optimistic message that you can take to the voters that will have them feeling positive and good about your candidacy, and it brings in the Latino and Asian voters that would normally vote against you because of our immigration policies (and it allows you to talk about how we want to make legal immigration faster and better as an effort to reduce illegal immigration).

The candidate that effectively uses the 3rd Pillar is the one that will win elections. You will be able to outspend, outperform, and outvote your opponents. It gives you a unique leadership message that motivates voters to overlook your 3rd Party status and to question the status-quo. It is appealing to both conservative and moderate voters. Only socialist leaning Democrats will reject this message and they make up less than 7% of the voters.

Build trust with the 1st Pillar, establish leadership with the 2nd Pillar, and bring an incredibly optimistic message to your voters with the 3rd Pillar. Effective use of this kind of messaging will put you at a distinct advantage over any candidate, but especially effective against incumbents.

You can win with this message. Use it. Don’t fall into the trap of issue-based politics. That is their game. We want to play OUR game. These pillars are designed to put your opponent on the defensive and force them to react to you, not the other way around. It creates a message that they will find hard to defend against. It gives you all the cards and gives them all the frustrations. How can they defend against a legally binding contract? How can they defend their growth in government when you show that government is the worst solution for any community problem? How will they get donations from the business community when you are taking them because your message resonates with small business owners? It works – use it.

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